About Us

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Eiffage is a multidisciplinary organization providing professional services in all the engineering discipline, Eiffage has a pool of human resources with experience ranging from Industrial Structures, Residential & Commercial Building, Educational, etc. Eiffage is a well established organization, having grown significantly since we started our operations in 2011.

We are equipped with various tools and skilled professionals for Construction detailing, Planning with high level Project Management.

We achieve client success through empowerment of our people at all levels by encouraging creativity, openness, team work and trust.

A pool of resources who are involved in setting up big Industrial houses like Flex Industries, Honda Car Factories, Johnson Metthy, Al Cargo, Ford Industries, Komatsu, Unicharm etc.



Our Purpose

Providing constructive solutions to our clients.

Our Behavior’s
  • We deliver what we promise.
  • We engage positively and professionally with our peers and customers.
  • We invite opinions and respect other’s views.
  • Our


  • Being Safe & Committed
  • Timely delivery
  • To become choice of Owner
  • Reduction in capex
  • Minimize turnaround time to get early ROI
  • Value Engineering to reduce Opex Cost
  • Balanced Procurement strategy to reduce interest on capex and increased warranties
  • Create a signature project with Highest degree of Safety
  • Our

    Values Definitions

    BEING SAFE Our Motto: At Work, At Play, SAFETY leads the way.

    We all take responsibility for the SAFETY of ourselves and others
    We never compromise SAFETY
    We always take a leadership role in making SAFETY a priority

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    QUALITY is our Passion. QUALITY is our Business.

    High intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution to ensure quality.
    Third party quality audit.
    Rigid quality control to ensure a quality end product is delivered.

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    We listen and act on our customer’s needs.
    We deliver what we promise.
    We respect communities and our environment.

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